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I am free

The burning desire for enlightenment is an echo through the mind, but it’s not for the mind. It’s a call home. Until I can dissolve my relationship wi [...]

Nothing changed and yet nothing is the same

I thought the mind would quiet down or stop chattering, but that's not my experience. So many beliefs I've picked up on my road, only to realize that [...]

Natural perception

Attention (perception) happens naturally. Constant attention to the mind, mainly learned through conditioning, causes suffering. When I learn to ignor [...]

Nothing happening

No matter how much mouvement there is in life, nothing is happening. [...]

No one

Stop following your thoughts, they're just clouds passing by. Stop being someone, nobody's there. No following, no one. [...]

Just be

Trying to be anything will inevitably lead to its opposite sooner or later and prevent living in reality. “I want to be a good person, I want to be ha [...]

Free mind

Thought lives in time, thought is time. A freedmind lives out of time. [...]

Find the unmovable

I'm attached to ideas. I want the ideas to be unmovable and so I try to fix them in time to feel secure. This process creates suffering and confusion, [...]

No goals

There are no goals, only a journey. Goals bring expectations and expectations, deception. Reality exists beyond concepts and needs no introduction, it [...]