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No one

Stop following your thoughts, they are not real. Stop being someone, there is nobody. No following, no one. [...]

Just be

Trying to be anything will inevitably lead to its opposite sooner or later and prevent living in reality. “I want to be a good person, I want to be ha [...]

Free mind

Thought lives in time, thought is time. A freedmind lives out of time. [...]

Find the unmovable

I'm attached to ideas. I want the ideas to be unmovable and so I try to fix them in time to feel secure. This process creates suffering and confusion, [...]

No goals

There are no goals, only a journey. Goals bring expectations and expectations, deception. Reality exists beyond concepts and needs no introduction, it [...]

True perception

Can there be perception without the observer? A mind that observes without the entity called "the observer"? Only then is true perception possible. [...]

It's not personnal, it's universal

A lot of us want to believe that it only happens to ME so we can feel special and different somehow. Yet in fact, most of the time, many of us go thro [...]

No problems

How do you solve a problem? By ignoring it. This doesn't mean to deny its existence, but merely acknowledging its presence without subscribing to the [...]

No desire

I have no desire of my own. I walk and trust that life will provide what is needed at the perfect moment. I might not understand it all, but I know li [...]