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Giving up control over life

I can't control life. I'm either flowing with it or resisting it. When I'm opposing life, I'm living from the personality, the me-mind with the past o [...]

The doorway to life

Life's doorway rests in my heart. As long as I keep it open, no matter what the outside circumptance is, my sense of identity and peacefulness remain. [...]

I rest in peace

The stillness of my being allows my mind to rest in peace which in turn, allows my thought process to change. I feel more balanced, joyful and connect [...]

Who am I?

I am the river, I am the sea, I am life itself here and all around. The more I learn to reconnect with the life stream within me and the more I find t [...]


When I live from the heart, my thoughts dissolve into nothingness. I feel safe and my identity rests in peace, for I'm connected to the source of life [...]


How do you know you know? You just know. Knowing is a sense of everything being how it's suppose to be. It has nothing to do with "right" or "wrong", [...]

I see life

Life is everywhere and all around. Whether it's the ground I'm walking on, the tree in my backyard, a child playing in the field or an emotion that I [...]

My friend

Let me be there for you. Let me be still and not say anything even if it feels uncomfortable. Let me be the presence that lives within us. Let me reco [...]

No reason to be reasonable

Being reasonable is accepting to live a mediocre life. It's living from the mind, disconnecting myself from the heart and all of my burning desires. B [...]