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The personal self

The one that lives in time leads a personal life and believes itself to be real. It lives in the world it creates. It longs to be free and yet it is t [...]

Visitors of the mind

Thoughts are the visitors of the mind. If I allow them to flow like birds in the sky, I will not be troubled by them and remain as the never changing [...]

Out of the way

I used to think that I needed to do something for life to happen. Now I know that life not only happens by itself, but I'm a part of it. I just need t [...]

No shape

Empty, empty, empty. I take no shape or form and remain as pure awareness, my true Self. [...]

Waking up to reality

The mind can split itself and until it merges back to the truth it believes in a separate existence through the ego-mind. May I accept everything as i [...]

Merging into life

I don't want to pursue another state of mind even if I know it can feel wonderful or blissful for a moment... another cloud passing. Although the mome [...]

The dissolution of Ego

Being the Self, thoughts happen naturally in the mind and "I" has no relationship with them. The one that believes and identifies with thoughts is Ego [...]

The mind

Mind is thought. Thought is imagination. Imagination is the realm of illusions. The Self is reality. All else, is creation of the mind. [...]

I am

There is no "I" in the Self. "I am" is a thought and from that thought the world is created. [...]