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The dissolution of Ego

Being the Self, thoughts happen naturally in the mind and "I" has no relationship with them. The one that believes and identifies with thoughts is Ego [...]

The mind

Mind is thought. Thought is imagination. Imagination is the realm of illusions. The Self is reality. All else, is creation of the mind. [...]

I am

There is no "I" in the Self. "I am" is a thought and from that thought the world is created. [...]

Experiencing life

Knowledge is the accumulation of mental and physical experiences, but knowing is the direct experience of Life. [...]

My true nature

Silence is now. Silence is here. Silence is who I am. There is no mind, only the Self and "I" is free. [...]

Deeply rooted in the heart

Questioning the mind allows life to create space as I become aware of my thoughts. When my heart is deeply rooted in silence, mind’s identity is no lo [...]

The right mind

A mind without direction looses itself in the everflowing river of thoughts. A focus mind finds its purpose in the silence of life. [...]

FInding myself

Stop trying to be something you already are. Be kind and patient with yourself and let life gently show you what needs to be corrected in your mind. L [...]

The balance of life

Life is about balance. To much or no enough create uncomfortable states of being. Whatever I choose to do, I do it in a way that respects all expressi [...]